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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of vehicles can you ship?

Passenger cars, classic cars, damaged cars, supercars, hypercars, trucks, buses, motorbikes ~

We work with strong overseas partners who are experienced in their local vehicle import/export laws, and have rich experience with vehicle loading, shipping documentation and procedures.

Contact us to enquire!

2. What if I need to ship a car urgently?

We are prompt in our response and processing time. So let us have your car details and we can arrange the fastest mode of freight – air freight.

3. I am looking to import a car from overseas for my own use. What do I need to do?

To take the complexities of car shipping off your mind, we offer a door to door shipping service + handle all LTA and Singapore Customs requirements for you.

Contact us for a quote!

4. How much is it to import a car from the UK to Singapore?

Prices vary depending on location, time of shipping, services required, type of vehicle, etc! It’s best you contact us for a specialised quote.

Apart from the UK, we also ship cars to/from all around the world.

5. ​Can you ship electric vehicles?

Yes we can! However, in order to register your EV in Singapore, it has to come with a Type 2 charging inlet.

6. ​ Can you ship used or damaged vehicles?

We surely can. Kindly take note that to import used vehicles into Singapore, the vehicle has to be within 3 years from the date of first registration.

You may also import damaged vehicles, but will have to fix them up before being able to register them for driving on Singapore roads.

7. Do you offer insurance?

Yes we do. To insure your vehicle on transit to Singapore, we have the marine cargo insurance or an all risk policy. This applies to air or sea freight.

We can also cover your motor insurance when you are registering your vehicle in Singapore.

8. I am moving back to my country / moving to Singapore. Can you ship my items for me?

Yes we can. Please contact us and provide:

- Your addresses

- Type of items

- Estimated quantity