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10 Tips on Choosing The Right Freight Forwarder in Singapore

December 27, 2022
10 Tips on Choosing The Right Freight Forwarder in Singapore

Singapore is one of the powerful nations in Asia because of its well-performing logistics centers. It has a strong infrastructure for maritime, air, and land transportation. 

Companies are increasingly looking for ways to ship and move products that will make their operations as cost-effective and productive as possible. It is very important that a company continually improves its supply chains to achieve cost-effective shipping and moving of its merchandise over the international borders. The main modes by which goods are shipped over long distances are by air freight and by ocean freight.

There are numerous freight forwarding companies in Singapore and around the world. It’s hard to find the right freight forwarder in Singapore for your business. If you’d like to hire a freight forwarder in Singapore, keep these hints in mind.


1. Verify the Reliability of Freight Forwarder in Singapore

When looking for freight logistics transportation, there are three important factors to consider: money, time, and cargo success.

  • It is essential that a shipping company website has all the information about the service that they offer and the prices that they charge for it. Check out the Google review of any shipping company that genuinely cares about its customers and their needs.
  • It’s crucial that your cargo shipper partner offers a real-time freight monitoring system, in order that you know exactly when the shipment will be arriving at the destination.
  • Having a cargo insurance policy that covers your shipment is a good security mechanism, especially if your cargo is damaged or lost while it is being transported or stored.


2. Extensive Experience of Freight Forwarder in Singapore

Shipping is a very challenging industry, and there are many companies competing for business. Getting a great deal of previous experience in the shipping industry is crucial for movers to be successful. They should be able to quickly react to various problems, such as worker strikes, port closures, or cargo being re-routed.

Having a good freight forwarder in Singapore who is well-versed will be able to help get around the obstacles of custom procedures, warehouses, and routing to make sure the delivery of goods is on time and in great condition.


3. Expertise of Freight Forwarder in Singapore

Good freight forwarders in Singapore have good years of experience and knowledge and will be able to tell you everything that you need to know.

If you are not sure what your best shipping option is, ask them how they compare the prices for the most important freight lines. It is advisable to ask companies who provide freight forwarding and shipping services whether they are well versed in the world of import and exporting goods.


4. Delivery Time

Delivery Time

How many days does a shipping company need to deliver goods to a customer? Even when something unexpected occurs during shipping, it can delay a shipment by a long time, but there are specific times that are calculated to allow the shipper to deliver the cargo on time. These times include travel time to meet customs and/or to store the cargo in a warehouse, and can be compared to make sure you get everything you need.

It is also very helpful for the forwarding service to tell the owner of the goods at the outset when the goods will arrive at their destination. This will include the time required to take alternative routes in the case that there are delays due to bad weather or other circumstances.


5. Flexible Load Capacity

You should hire a business that is able to handle the large volume of goods that you need to ship regularly, to or from your business.

Freight forwarders have relationships both with aircraft and with shipping lines, that are for many types of cargo with their own weight capacities. Always ask your freight forwarding agency about the process and policies that they use when it is time to consolidate your cargo.


6. Haulers and References

Good freight forwarder services in Singapore work with many shipping companies, and they need to be familiar with all the transportation companies, from national to extensive global networks.

Ask for a list of references from other clients to see if the company is trustworthy. The more businesses that the forwarding company can provide you with a list that shows who they have dealt with before, the more reliable that company will be. 


7. Customer Service of the Freight Forwarder in Singapore

Customer Service of the Freight Forwarder in Singapore

It is extremely crucial that you find a good forwarding company that can respond quickly to your queries, to make sure that your shipment is being sent to the right destination. When you make an appointment with a shipping company in Singapore, they need to know everything that you need to know in order to make sure that the shipment will arrive at its destination in a timely manner. 

Their ability to do this demonstrates how capable they are of handling shipments successfully. They should be able to tell you everything that is necessary to make sure that your shipment receives the attention it deserves.


8. Ensure the Risk Management

Transporting goods internationally is risky because of the various variables that can occur. You need someone who knows how to deal with issues and who is willing to provide solutions. You want a forwarder that can help you avoid problems and who has the experience to help you when problems arise.

They should be proactive and be able to offer quick solutions. They must be creative and offer quick solutions to problems.

One way to mitigate cargo liability is to buy cargo insurance. Check out what different types of insurance companies offer. Being exposed to carrier liability could be a very expensive mistake.

You want a partner who is honest and who communicates clearly. You need someone to partner with when you are experiencing a crisis.


9. Range of Services offered by the Freight Forwarder in Singapore

You may require several different types of freight solutions such as car shipping, or have to keep goods locked up in specialized warehouses for a long period of time.

You may need to enquire with many different freight forwarders in Singapore to ensure that they can handle all the services that you need.


10. Broker Bond

It’s very useful to find out if the company that you’re considering doing business with is solvent. Freight forwarders in Singapore are expected to get a broker bond to operate. If you want to ship goods from another state, get a broker bond to protect you.

Surety companies look at a forwarder’s ability to pay back its money if it has any problems. If your freight forwarder has any problems, you may be able to save some money.


Concluding words

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