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All You Need To Know About Freight Shipping

January 25, 2023
All You Need To Know About Freight Shipping

What is Freight Shipping?

Freight transport involves transferring goods to and from different locations by road, rail or air. It is often necessary to ship goods internationally. Freight logistics transportation companies ship goods that weigh more or are heavier than the average parcel and freight that a carrier ships.

Any package that is more than 30 inches wide and weighs more than 150 pounds is freight. Smaller packages are often shipped more cost-efficiently via parcel services. Freight shipping companies box goods in cardboard packaging, load them onto pallets or 20-40′ shipping containers, and move them by many of the same companies that ship parcels. Freight forwarders are based all over the world and use various airports and seaports and truck depots to ship goods.


Advantages of Freight Shipping


Freight forwarders in Singapore can handle very large or very heavy shipments, like car shipping or shipping large volumes of other goods. This includes expensive and heavy items such as cars, or massive quantities of products.



Freight forwarding services can be very cost-efficient when companies are able to order large quantities of freight to transport goods. Large merchants often use local freight companies to ship goods to customers for pennies on the dollar, whereas courier services cost a lot more.


Compliance Clearance

Shipping companies in Singapore generally hire custom agents when they ship their goods overseas in order that they can be cleared for carriage.



Using big trucks and carriers helps to carry more loads faster than using small vehicles, so it is easier to be environmentally friendly.


Great Safety

When it comes to international shipping in Singapore, service providers perform their duties professionally and with experience, so that there is minimal damage to the goods that are shipped. Monitoring of freight logistics transportation helps prevent lost goods.


Domestic and International Freight Shipping

Domestic and International Freight Shipping

It’s fairly simple to get freight shipped from one country to another, and often, the shipment is delivered in as little as a few hours. Most businesses use shipping services that transport freight via the highway, and some companies use the rail and road to ship freight from one state to another.

It will take longer to ship goods internationally, due to the distance involved and the more complicated shipping process. Most international shipments will either be shipped by air or sea, and the entire process can take anywhere between a few days, weeks, or months.


Ground Freight Shipping

Ground transportation is ideal for shipments that must reach their destination within a week or less, but air transportation is more expensive. In most cases, ground transportation takes between three to ten days for a shipment to arrive at its destination.

Ground shipments are usually delivered by truck to a central hub, which is where all of the trucks that pick up the shipment are parked. Then the goods will travel to a central hub and then on to a local delivery truck in order that they can get to their destination.

Terminals allow shipments to be stored temporarily and are used to schedule deliveries to certain locations. Many terminals are found near major airports and train stations, where shippers store shipments that have already been picked up at their pick up points.

When a truck arrives, the shipment is loaded onto a truck that is going towards its destination. LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments are received at centralized distribution centers, from which point they are planned and booked into delivery trucks that will take the product to its final destination.


Air Freight Shipping

Air shipping is when a company charters or schedules a plane to carry cargo to a destination as a shipping option. It allows goods to travel very quickly from one country to another, which is very valuable if the shipment is urgent.

Air shipping enables SMBs to conduct business internationally as efficiently as larger companies, and it is also an amazingly secure type of freight shipping to transport goods. It is best for businesses who need to have their goods delivered to them within a week (and sometimes less) for one or multiple pallets.


Sea Freight Shipping

Shipping goods by sea or ocean freight to various locations in the world is very efficient. Goods will be delivered in shipping boxes which are then placed on a ship and taken to their destination.

Some ships can hold up to 18,000 shipping containers, and sea freight services are a cost-effective way to ship large quantities of goods. It is cost effective to ship large quantities of cargo or heavy items to a destination when there is ample time.


How to go about Freight Shipping

How to go about Freight Shipping

If you decide that freight is the best way to ship your goods, here are some steps that you must take to get them to the right place.

  • Check that all the documents you need for your shipment are in order, even if it’s not necessary for a carrier to inspect them.
  • Look for a box, pallet or container that will hold the right size for your shipment and that is not damaged.
  • If any of the shipments has any damage, take care of it. Even if the damage is minimal, make sure that you note it. This will help you track any damage that might occur. You’ll be able to determine what kind of damage was done to your items by the shipper.
  • If you are using stacked boxes, make sure that they are in a straight line and that they are not pushed over the edges of the cartons. Use extra packing material to protect fragile items.
  • Label the boxes or pallets with your business address on the inside and out, and then secure the contents in place. You should use barcodes on the containers to identify what you are shipping and where it is going.
  • Use packing straps and other methods to securely pack your items on a pallet or in a container.
  • Move all your shipments that are in boxes or packages to where the freight company will pick up the goods. Check that the labels on all the boxes and pallets are correct, and that the shipping companies provide us with all the information we need.
  • Take photos of all shipments that you plan to have shipped, in order to show that they are in good condition. This will help you if something is damaged during the shipment.


Cost of Freight Shipping

Freight shipping rates depend on many factors such as type of goods, weight, dimensions, stowability, density, packaging, destination specifications, fragility, mode of transport, freight class, and time sensitivity.


Concluding words

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